Actionable ways to help Ukraine

Russia is waging an unprovoked and vicious war against Ukraine. Millions of people got displaced, tens of thousands of people lost their loved ones and once beautiful Ukrainian cities are getting razed to the ground.

Barbaric Russian occupiers are facing fierce resistance from Ukrainians, who are not willing to lose their independence, culture, national identity and their lives to pathetic Russian imperialism.

I, like millions of other Ukrainians, cannot stay idle in this situation.

I’ve created - a curated list of resources to help Ukraine and its people. Here’s how you can help Ukraine:

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Help the Ukrainian army

Helping the armed forces of Ukraine is one of the most meaningful ways of contributing to Ukrainian victory. The sooner the Ukrainians crush Russians the sooner the suffering ends.

Without additional weaponry, Russo-Ukrainian war will become an endless bloodbath, spreading misery, suffering, and destruction. Please pressure your politicians into providing aid to Ukraine. Here’s the list of what Ukraine Needs.

And here are some hand-picked resources to help:

Help refugees

Millions of Ukrainians got displaced, some have escaped the war zone with absolutely nothing. Ways to help:

Hire Ukrainians

Ukrainians are well educated and hard working.

Help animals

Zoos and homeless/abandoned animals suffer greatly. It can be helped though:

  • UAnimals help animal shelters financially, provide them with food and try to evacuate animals to other countries
  • Happy Paw Shelter help homeless cats and dogs
  • Sirius Shelter. Biggest homeless animal shelter in Ukraine
  • Ugolyok Shelter. A non-profit shelter for all animals across the country of Ukraine that are in need of rescue and protection
  • Full list

Help fight propaganda

Vile Russian lies poison the mind, help fight them

Don’t fund war

Boycott brands still doign business with Russia, funding their atrocities.

Protest, sign petitions

For developers

You can make a difference. Check out these cool tools that you can use on your websites, github repos etc. to show your support for Ukraine:

Other great ‘mega lists’

There are several other curated lists that are nicely done, please check them out too: